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Healthy Eating at Work

A healthy lifestyle and regular, healthy meals can increase productivity in the workplace and reduce absenteeism.  NuChoice offers different corporate wellness services to suit your company needs.

  • Corporate Weight-Loss Challenge

    Challenge your colleagues to a weight-loss competition.
    Either as individuals or groups.

    Initial, private consultation for each employee includes:

    • Physical measurements (weight, height, BMI, waist circumference, fat%, muscle%)
    • Diet history and medical history
    • Diet assessment and dietary advice
    • Dietary goals plan of action – including individual meal plan, recipes and shopping lists
    • Weekly weigh-ins and follow-ups
  • Corporate Health Days

    This provides your employees with a good opportunity to meet with a dietitian and discuss any nutritional concerns that they may have.  We can off all or some of the following services on the day:

    • PowerPoint presentation and talk on a relevant topic(s)
    • Individual nutritional assessments
    • Physical measurement (weight, height, BMI, waist circumference, fat%, muscle %)
    • Dietary advice based on information above
  • Nutrition Assessment of Canteens

    We can come to your workplace canteen and assess the following:

    • Food preparation techniques
    • Meals that are offered
    • Cost of healthy foods compared to not-so-healthy foods.
    • Education to the cooks to improve on the above.
  • Diet Related Health Talks

    We can give a PowerPoint presentation to your employees on any relevant nutrition topic.

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