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Diet Plans

You may already have tried a low carb diet, high protein diet, cutting out carbohydrates altogether, and many other weight loss diets. But the most effective diet for weight loss is one designed specifically for you by a qualified dietitian.  Remember – if its about nutrition, ask a dietitian!

Dietitian Designed

All our guidelines and advice are scientifically sound and compiled by registered, qualified dietitians. Our clinical skills and scientific knowledge are your guarantee of complete professionalism and expertise.

Planning is better

With NuChoice, you get a customised meal plan, shopping list, and additional reading material relevant to your lifestyle delivered directly to your inbox. No making appointments, no driving through traffic, no problem. It’s the easy way to help get you on the right path towards achieving your goals – properly and effectively.

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Registration is easy, and can be done at any time that’s convenient for you. By answering the questions provided, you’ll be giving us a detailed medical history that will enable one of our qualified dietitians to provide you with their personalised recommendations.

You Choose Your Services

  • Online Nutritional Assessment
  • Nutritional Advice and Guidelines
  • Personalised Meal Plan
  • Shopping List
  • Online Support

Private Consultations

  • Diet, Medical and Exercise History
  • Physical Measurements
  • Establish Health Goals
  • Dietary Guidelines and Advice
  • Personalised Meal Plan

Corporate Wellness

  • Weight-loss Challenges
  • Corporate Health Days
  • Diet Related Health Talks
  • Nutritional Assessments of Canteens