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Amanda has a special interest in patients who show typical Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) symptoms such as bloating, pain, diarrhoe / constipation, flatulence, cramping etc.  She works with a revolutionary new diet programme called the EatFit (Eating for Intestinal Tolerance) low FODMAP diet which explains carefully how to eliminate FODMAPs correctly and also supports patients through the re-introduction phase.  This diet is supported by a decade of research by a brilliant team at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia and has proven to improve symptoms of 76% of patients!

FODMAP is an acronym for a group of short-chain carbohydrates found in food that are often poorly absorbed by our digestive system. It stands for ‘Fermentable Oligo-, Di-, Mono-saccharides and Polyols’. These carbohydrates are in many foods that we commonly eat such as wheat, milk, and some fruits and vegetables.

There are only a few accredited EatFit Dietitians that are trained on the low FODMAP diet in South Africa.


It is essential that this complicated low FODMAP diet is lead by a Registered Dietitian.  It consists of 16 weeks of dietitian-lead care and support to improve their IBS symptoms.  The 16 weeks include 2 consultations by skype and 2 telephone/email follow-ups.  The low FODMAP diet is not a weight loss diet neither should it be used as a long term diet.  It is only for use in short term to identify foods that trigger abdominal discomfort and other IBS related symptoms.  After the 16 weeks, you will be able to identify which foods cause the discomfort and which ones need to be avoided for optimal gut health.

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Session 1 – Elimination, Session 2 – Follow-up, Session 3 – Re-introduction, Session 4 – Follow-up, All 4 Sessions