OPTIFAST® Weight Loss Programme


All Optifast Programmes are run by Registered Dietitian Jessica Caldeira.

  • Phase 1 (8-12 weeks)
    • Initial Consultation – 45 minutes
    • Weekly email follow-ups
  • Phase 2 (2 weeks)
    • Introduction to phase 2 consultation – 20 minutes
    • Weekly email follow-ups
  • Phase 3 (2 weeks)
    • Introduction to phase 3 consultation – 20 minutes
    • Weekly email follow-ups
  • Phase 4 (2 weeks)
    • Introduction to maintenance phase consultation – 20 minutes
    • Weekly email follow-ups
  • Does NOT include Optifast shakes or soups or bars.

CLICK HERE to be redirected to the CDE OptiFast product range, where you can browse and purchase.  Please note that you will require a coupon code to purchase the OptiFast range of products.  Your dietitian will provide you with this code.

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The OPTIFAST® Weight Loss Programme It is a VLCD (very low calorie diet) meal replacement shake, soup or bar, prescribed by a CDE Optifast trained dietitian for weight loss.

Who can take OPTIFAST?

People with a BMI > 30 kg/m2 (obese)
People with a BMI > 27 kg/m2 and with:
– high blood pressure
– high cholesterol
– high triglycerides
– high blood sugar
– family history of non-communicable diseases
Waist circumference of > 94 cm in men
Waist circumference of > 80cm in women

Who cannot take OPTIFAST?

People who are not overweight /obese
Pregnant or lactating women
Children <18 years
Unstable angina /myocardial infarction
People with liver failure
People with renal dysfunction