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NuChoice has been put together for you. As a passionate advocate of the positive effects of following a healthy eating plan and adopting a balanced diet, we will find more efficient and effective ways to better the quality of your life by improving their diet and nutrition.

NuChoice is a Platform that offers solution to our everyday problems when it comes to not only losing weight but keeping a constant healthy living plan.

Amanda started her dietetics career in various hospitals and medical practices, before moving to Bayer Healthcare – Diabetes Care, as a Medical Sales Representative.

Despite finding the job rewarding and valuable, she missed the personal touch of working directly with patients and helping them make a real difference in their lives.Having worked in a corporate environment, Amanda knows firsthand how difficult it can be for busy people to find the time to fit healthy eating into their lives. Very often, people know they should be following a healthy diet plan, but they’re at a loss where to start.

NuChoice provides it’s Users various ways to get in touch with Amanda and the team:

  • By Email on admin@nuchoice.co.za
  • By Phone on 072-637-9392
  • By using the personal Messaging system linked to your Online Profile

NuChoice offers the simplest way to create an account.

With these simple steps, you will be online in no time.

  1. click on the following link: https://nuchoice.co.za/register/
  2. Insert the required details
  3. Select that you agree to our ‘Terms and Conditions’
  4. Click on the ‘Register’ button
  5. Confirm your account via email
  6. Browse useful resources on the Website
  7. Wait for your personal coach Amanda to get in touch with you

NuChoice offers the simplest way to login to an account.

Use one of the 2 options below:

  1. Using the Navigation.
    • Navigate on the main screen to the top left and click on the ‘Login/Register’ tab
    • Once the page has loaded, click on the ‘Login’ button
    • Insert your ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ and click ‘Login’
  2. Using a URL
    • Click on the following URL to Login https://nuchoice.co.za/login/

The ‘My Account’ Tab that is situated at the top of the Navigation Bar (At the top of the page) is the most useful link on the Website as this hold all you personal information.

You will notice that a series of tabs are situated under the tab that will navigate you to different sections of the Website that are personal to you. The ‘My Account’ tab, once clicked, will take you to your Account on NuChoice where you will be able to update your information so that we consistantly have your most recent details.

Yes. We run our website of a secure Encrypted Connection which is authorised by not only Google but other search engines as being Secured websites. You will notice the https in the browser before the actual URL, this shows you that the website is Secure and that your information is 100% safe with us.

Once you click on the ‘My Bookmarks’ tab on your menu, this will list the current Bookmarks that you have saved. The View will tell you how many bookmarks you have saved in total and show you into what Catagories you have saved them in being:

  • Default
  • Recipes
  • Health

You can save a bookmark in the following way:

If you have scrolled through the site and find a particular post that you like, you can scroll to the bottom of the post and you will see a ‘Heart’, if you click on the Heart, it will ‘Bookmark’ into your bookmarks section so that you can view it later.


The Activity Wall has been created for you. This section explains how to use the “Activity Wall”.

  • If you scroll down after visiting the Wall, you will see a section which allows you to ‘Update Status’
  • You are required to update your results daily.
  1. To update your Status, insert your current Weight using a general scale at your home.
    • It is important to use the same scall when measuring as scales vary slightly.
  2. Simply insert e.g. “I’m feeling great today, weight 56.5KG’s” or “My back hurts a bit, but weighed in at 65.4KG’s”

This will give us a great indication of where you are at in your Goals and we will use this method to encourage you by replying to your posts.

  • Feel free to post images on your wall, (Remember, only you can see this).

We will use the Messaging section to keep in touch with you. You may also choose to keep in touch with us by asking questions at your will. We will try our best to answer you.

Each User is requested to complete the Nutritional Assessment so that we can get to know you better. It is vital that this assessment is answered truthfully and honestly, as we need to work routines and eating plans around your health.

To Log-Out of the platform, simply use the ‘logout’ tab located on the drop down list under ‘My Account’, once clicked, your will be directer to the Home Page.