Tandoori Chicken Kebabs

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Tandoori Chicken Kebabs

Serves 4



4 chicken fillets, de-boned and de-skinned

Green / red pepper chunks

1 Skewer per person



1 onion, peeled and grated

250 ml fat free plain yoghurt

5 ml turmeric

5 ml paprika

5 ml Masala

2 ml Ground coriander

2 ml Ground ginger

10 ml lemon juice

1 clove garlic, chopped / 5 ml dried garlic flakes

1 ml salt

5 ml sugar (when making large batch to serve everyone, use 1 ml sugar / fillet used)




  1. Soak bamboo skewers in water for several hours. This will prevent them from burning when the kebabs are gilled in the oven / braai.
  2. Prick the chicken meat well all over, cut into cubes and place in a shallow dish
  3. Combine all the marinade ingredients in a jug and pour over the chicken.
  4. Store, covered with plastic wrap or a lid, in the refridgerator for 3 hours or over-night, stirring occationally.
  5. Drain the chicken and reserve the marinade.
  6. Thread the chicken pieces onto the skewers, alternating with the peppers and place in a roasting pan.
  7. Roast in a hot oven, until tender and well – browned or braai, turning every 2-3 minutes and basting occationally with the reserved marinade.
  8. Serve with rice, vegetables and salad / sambals.


VARIATION: Instead of the kebabs, you may roast the chicken fillets whole, in a roasting pan, in the tandoori mixture.  Roast in the oven for 1 hour at 180°C, turning often